Are you having a dinner party and you want to impress your guests? Or you are just a wine lover who wants to take the most of its taste. If you ask some wine enthusiasts how you should do that, the response would probably be “wine aerator”.

According to XogWine, when mixing your expensive wine with oxygen from a high quality wine aerator, you liberate all of the hidden levels of taste from that particular wine. Also, you can use wine aerator with a decanter. That combination can give tremendous results.

Wine Aerator

Wine aerators come in two categories. There are Handheld wine aerators and in-bottle stopper wine aerators. The handheld wine aerators are the ones you need to put above the glass and pour the wine through it into a glass. The in-bottle stopper is a device that you put into a bottle and it aerates wine from within. An aerator will mix oxygen with wine in order to release hidden levels of taste.

How You Should Aerate Wine?

Before you open a wine bottle, it has almost none exposure to air. But wine needs quite opposite if you want its full taste in your mouth. Not all wines need aeration. Corks tend to let a small amount of air over time. It makes sense to aerate red wine, mostly younger. Very few types of white wine need aeration. You can aerate wine with a decanter, aerator or a large container.

Aerating vs. Decanting

When it comes to decanting and aerating, there are two main differences. The first difference is time. The wine aerator is a faster way of aerating wine than a decanter. What aerator does in a matter of seconds, decanter needs around 20-30 minutes. The second difference is that decanter is more used than aerator when it comes to older red wine. If you try to aerate that kind of wine with a wine aerator, you will probably fail to do so. Aerator usually deals with younger red wine.

For What You Can Use Wine Aerator?

Having wine aerator is good for a number of reasons. We will name you 5 reasons why you should have your wine aerator with you.

  • Much better taste of your wine. Mixing your wine with air softens its flavor and frees hidden aromas. That way you can taste the whole potential of particular wine.
  • It is a great gift for someone who is a wine lover. Wouldn`t you agree?
  • It`s a better way of aerating the wine than the decanter. Way better and way faster.
  • Aerating the wine can increases its value. So, after aerating you can sell your wine for more money.
  • If you didn`t drink all of the bottle, you can save it for later. Aerating perseveres the wine.


Are you a wine lover? If you are, you probably know what to expect from wine aerating. For those who don`t know, we have more articles where we shined a light on wine aerators and talked about them in a greater detail.