panasonic ew dj10 a portable dental water flosser

Some would be surprised if they heard that a famous Japanese company makes water flossers. But Panasonic sure does make them. Their most popular water flosser is WE-DJ10-A. This product will be the focus of our review.

Water flossing is proved to be more efficient than dental flossers, classic and electrical toothbrushes. Having this version of a water flosser will save you space because it is so small you can fit it inside of your bag and use it on the go. Mobile water flosser doesn`t sound bad huh?


EW-DJ10-A is a water flosser. Sometimes it can be called an oral irrigator. It is a handheld apparatus which consists of a tank and a pump. In order to use water flosser correctly, you need to fill up the tank with water, which will shower your teeth through a tube. A stream of water which is going through the pipe showers your gums and teeth and washes off the bacteria and plaque. EW-DJ10-A`s water stream is softer than in the older version, which makes the whole experience more pleasant.

The Box

After you acquire this water flosser, in the box you can find:

  • 1x Nozzle.
  • A water flosser.
  • The Documentation.

EW-DJ10-A Features

An EW-DJ10-A water flosser comes with a number of features. We are going to name some of them.

  • Improved design.
  • It doesn`t feature any cord.
  • Power comes from an AA battery. Those batteries are replaceable.
  • Now the nozzle is rotatable.
  • It is waterproof, as any water flosser.
  • EW-DJ10-A features two power settings.

How You Should Use an EW-DJ10-A?

After inserting batteries, your water showering process can begin. We are going to guide you through steps.

Step #1 – Preparation

Prepare your device for water showering process.

Step #2 – Filling the Tank

Filling the reservoir until it is almost full.

Step #3 – Positioning

Closing your must is a must in order to prevent a mess. You should put the tip of the irrigator in your mouth.

Step #4 – Cleaning

After turning it on, you have 2 power levels you could use.

Positive and Negative Sides

We are going to name all the positive and negative sides of EW-DJ10-A.


  • It is small. You can carry it anywhere with you.
  • Every water flosser is a waterproof device.
  • You don`t need cords in order to power this water flosser.
  • It powers on batteries which are replaceable.
  • It has effective pulses.
  • Water showering is a great choice for people who wear implants, braces or bridges.
  • Tips are easily removed.


  • The water tank is too small. The water from the tank is going to be spent in 40 seconds.
  • Batteries are not included. You need to buy them separately.
  • The whole teeth showering process can be messy sometimes.
  • Replacing the batter can be hard sometimes.
  • Because of its small tank, you will probably need to refill it several times in one water showering.


Taking care of your dental health is a pretty important thing. When it comes to this, water flossers can be of great help. Particularly EW-DJ10-A is a handy thing, which can be used anywhere you imagine.