ninja single serve coffee bar

Do you count yourself as a coffee lover? If you do, and you are a person with a tight schedule, you would probably like to have a coffee maker, which serves a high-quality coffee in a reasonable time. Because in the mornings, the majority of people is on the run and they don`t have the time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Naturally, the second option is to go to the local coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee for yourself. However, the best quality coffee is home-made. That doesn`t mean you should go for the most expensive one on the market instantly. You should inform yourself about every product before you buy it.

Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja coffee bar is one of the best you can find on the market. It is no secret among coffee lovers that if you want to accomplish good single serve brew at home, you have to go Ninja (if you know what I mean).

Not only the best, it is one of the most popular too. They are so good that we can say they are changing the way we are making a cup of coffee in our house. It is popular because of the variety of possibilities offered by it. You can brew coffee in five ways. Classic, iced, rich, specialty and cafe forte. Cafe Forte is exclusive for Ninja coffee bar.

Ninja Single Serve Coffee Bar

If you don`t have the need of acquiring all of the Ninja coffee bar features, you are probably looking for ninja single serve coffee bar. It is the least expensive package, but nevertheless, you will get a lot of features. Of course, all of those five brew methods we talked about earlier, are available on a single server version.

Also, you will still have four sizes you can use. Travel, single, big and multi-serve cups. You can`t make two cups of coffee at the same time and still preserve the same quality for both of those. In addition, you will get to-go tumbler you can use for drinking your coffee when you are in a hurry. It can carry both cold and hot coffee.

Pros and Cons

Like any product, Ninja single serve coffee bar has its own positive and negative sides. We will try and give you an insight into what they are in this case.


  • Five ways of brewing coffee available.
  • It is cheaper than other products from same company`s assortment.
  • You will get a to-go cup.
  • This coffee maker has a permanent filter. However, you can use paper ones as well.
  • Pretty good built-in frother, which is used for warming the milk.


  • Like its name is saying, it is a single serve coffee bar. So, you can`t make a two or more cups or a pot at once.
  • The device is pretty big considering its limited options.

The Last Word

Did you think about acquiring coffee maker for your house? If you did, you should look no further than Ninja coffee bar. However, if you don`t have the need of brewing the whole pot, you should buy Ninja single server coffee bar. It has all you need to enjoy a great cup of coffee, whenever you want.