It is not produced in Italy but is of an infinite sweetness. We are talking about the papaya the tropical fruit with an orange pulp and a green skin (when it is green), yellow or orange. Many consume it because as well as good is also rich in vitamins (A, B, C) and fiber, nutritional properties, low in fat.

But how do you eat papaya ?

Just buy the fruit that is quite ripe and soft but not soft and with a yellow peel, to consume it immediately or if we want to postpone the tasting, put it in refrigerator, waiting for friends to come to dinner, you can choose a more hard fruit.  

To eat it you need to remove the peel and seeds with a sharp knife, cut into slices or into cubes, if we want to use it as a fresh dessert on the hottest days.

Rinse it well under running water and dry it with scottex paper, then remove the top of the fruit, cut it in half along the length and eliminate seeds and filaments, and put aside leaves (in case we want to use them) and of course the pulp .

Useful for preparing desserts, exotic salads and energetic smoothies . Delicious to be presented with a couple of balls of cream ice cream or fiordilatte or as a basic ingredient for cakes and pies. 

But even the blanched leaves can be consumed as a common vegetable or as a base for an infusion. The infusion is useful to compose stomach acidity (thanks to the enzyme called papain) or digestive problems but also to reinforce and make our hair brighter (just mix it with our usual shampoo). It can also be dried so much as to be ideal to add to milk, yogurt, cereals for a healthy and tasty breakfast.