If you are facing hard water in your area of living, you should think about acquiring a top notch water softener. Protecting your home`s water supply from hard water can save you money you would invest in repairing pipes. Also, you would avoid seeing those awful scales on your kitchen appliances. Softeners are coming in various shapes and sizes. Plus, you can choose between salt-based and salt-free ones.

Salt-free softener systems are actually descaling systems. They are not making your water softer they are descaling it. Descalers are suspending minerals that are causing your water to be hard. This way, you will not see any rings in your bathtub or scales in on your dishes. So, you see that descaler is not an actual water softening system.

Now, we are going to present you with Eddy electronic water descaler.

Product Review

Eddy water softener, or descaler, is a U.K. product. Recently, it has become of the most popular devices for descaling hard water. However, the whole technology of water softeners is still in the developing process. After you acquire this product, you will get a simple assortment of contents. It consists of descaler and four wires, which are used for connecting it with your water supply. Calling a plumber is not a necessary thing. It is pretty simple to attach it.

Only joining it with your system will do the trick. You just need to be sure that you connected it accurately. It is the perfect choice for medium sized households located in an area that is facing water hardness. Choosing this product for a medium case of hard water is perfect. Eddy water softener has a year-long warranty. This warranty covers unexpected accidents. You will get a non-cost fix or part replacement guarantee.

Positive and Negative Sides of Eddy Descaler

Like any product, Eddy water descaler has its ups and down. It is important to name them, so you would know exactly what can you expect from this particular product. Now, we will do just that.

Positive Sides

  • If you are on a limited budget, this is a perfect choice. It is pretty cheap in comparison to other products. This is the case both for a price of the device and for the maintaining.
  • This is a salt-free water softener, so you don`t need to buy any salt or any other additives.
  • As any salt-free softener, it is eco-friendly.
  • Exceptional warranty conditions.
  • It will save you money, because of its low level of power usage.
  • Easy installation. Calling a plumber is only up to you.
  • You don`t need to remove the brine.

Negative Sides

  • It`s not an actual water softener.
  • Small capacity. It can hold only 10 GPG.


This device does its job, and it doesn`t cost you much. However, it shouldn`t be an absolute solution for your water hardness. As we said, it is perfect for medium-sized homes because of its capacity, and lower levels of water hardness. Informing yourself before buying one of these is a key thing. If you don`t do that, you would end up spending more money on buying another one, that suits your needs better.