To all the guys on my part this time to keep me company and the incredible hulk that really came to help me with our reviews but I want to present a new product we talk about a family oral repeat is nothing more than a dental indicator serves to replace sometimes the stupid mental floss you use water a heretical product that should be placed in the bathroom and then to a series of initiatives that allow you to do the position interventions I was able to review a little bit this product after we go the working particularly struck me because it is very useful because it manages to spray thehigh-power water inserts in the interdental space and then send away all the food but it is very useful for those kids for those children who used a machine that metal that says fixed receives teeth with the glue and often a little complicated to clean.

it with this object of water very strong then there are a whole series in certain that we go to see this inside has a water tank all the accessories even a small toothbrush and the thing that struck me also is an effect of Italian done very very well where explains the use of each individual accessory as we remain to see the product boxing the empty box we see our product dear friends we have made our unboxing of the replicator for the teeth here it is c ‘is our product in our we have and the front part of the tank that contains the water that then through the on-off button is transmitted through these players here it is here in the upper part will be placed all the accessories for cleaning remembrance that a spiral tube where high pressure water passer above we have on the market where to store all our accessories covered then unbalanced and further opens the position directly from the 33 if fully washable.

I show once thewater is over it is washed and closes completely is positioned in this way here we are here then we also have in the front of the power adjustment jack apologized and that good where our binder that this transmitted I say I did aida guardalĂ  we also have our accessories are very numerous here they are each accessory has its own value so it is used for a specific for a specific use all reported in the instruction book strictly in Italian has done very well look there is also the possibility to know every single accessory to what’s the use there is also a scientific spike we say theI use them sometimes.

I do not want to say that a professional dental appliance what the dentists but it is a device that finds its proper location in the house because it is really very useful the assembly is very simple we take this should be that there language because there there was also one for the cleaning of the tongue is placed directly someone you just have to click to unhook it opens in this way it’s really very simple we see together a little bit what the use of this appearance let’s put a little bit of water in a bowl and let’s see how it works the way thewater that will then be used to wash our teeth because I want to remember this device is very useful for children,

those in the machine area that fixed with the glue that often can not clean everything well this object of water allows you to clean both in the intervent space even the machines so the cai say that the same tar in the training phase is sent away because the police is really complete because through the teeth 3 satisfactions and that this high pressure water is fired we see a little bit in the operation of our product I have provided for insertions in the tank a littlewater to fail the operation of this device but I also have obviously a nice bowl here it is already done here a first test in Venice.

what the operation of this beautiful a lot we put the bowl here we acted with inserts I want to remember that to make this work accessory always with the water inserted because otherwise you turn on you without water the engine of the public of the bandai overheating I remember that it is a classic European warranty guarantee Italian and there is also the possibility of being able to use it with some corrector a little bit of underneath the water but we see the operation of our product go to access not.