Careers 2020: Options for future careers work in English schools

New survey data published today finds that the majority (61%) of teachers and lecturers are worried about the careers service being offered to children leaving school. Commissioned by the Pearson Think Tank, the research also found that nearly a third (31%) of teachers were specifically worried about the quality of advice being provided, commonly citing the closure of services such as Connexions as a factor contributing to their concerns.

The release of these findings coincides with the publication of the Careers 2020 report by The Pearson Think Tank and The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby. The report highlights worrying international evidence from other countries including the Netherlands and New Zealand, which witnessed a decline in both the extent and quality of careers work when responsibility and the associated funding was transferred to schools. Last year’s Education Act introduced this new responsibility for all schools in England for the first time but transferred none of the funding.

The report recommends that the implementation of reforms such as the new Statutory Duty and the National Careers Service are carefully monitored and for schools to embed careers work across everything they do, including the curriculum. The Careers 2020 report includes a ‘menu of activities’ for teachers to plan their school-wide approach to careers.

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