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Pocket Watch – Performance Tables Update

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To download the report please click here Introduction One of the most important legacies of the 2011 Wolf Review have been the emerging changes to the performance table system. In a word, Wolf reflected a concern that the system of equivalencies (comparing the relative worth of one qualification with another and attaching relative values accordingly)…

Pocket Watch – Stephen Twigg offers some initial thoughts on vocational education in his first keynote speech


Introduction Last week, Stephen Twigg, gave his first major speech as Shadow Education Secretary. The occasion was the 2nd Annual Edge Lecture, a set piece occasion used last year by Michael Gove to launch the all-important Wolf Review. The theme this year was ‘Engaging pathways for all’ The context For someone who had been in…

Policy Watch – The Government responds to the Wolf Review.

Government's response to Wolf

13 May 2011 [2011/16] Policy Watch – The Government responds to the Wolf Review Introduction The most obvious message that comes out of yesterday’s Government Response to the Wolf Review of Vocational Education is just how much more still needs doing. Vocational reform it seems, remains very much work in progress, “four consultations, three reviews, one…

The Government’s response to the Wolf Review is here


The Government’s response to the Wolf Review is here at last it can be found here we would like to hear your responses too. Tweet

Response to Wolf Report

Steve Besley

We now expect the Government’s response to the Wolf Report on 14-19 Vocational Education to come out on Thursday May 12th. All the signs are that it will support many of the recommendations, particularly those on core English and maths, the removal of league table equivalencies and the redesign of some learning programmes. It’s always…