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HE policy blog: trends in part-time and online provision


I was recently asked to present to both Linking London and the Association of Heads of University Administration about trends in higher education provision. In particular I focused on the issues of part-time learners and online delivery (I argue that MOOCs should just be called ‘courses’). After painting a (pretty bleak) picture of the current context…

HE Policy Blog: what does the future hold for £9k students and the English HE system?


  (a version of this blog first appeared as a London School of Economics British Politics and Policy blog in Nov 2012) The excitement of freshers week should now be firmly behind the first cohort of students in England paying as much as £9k a year in tuition fees as they embark on the painful second term….

Pocket Watch – Managing Student Numbers in HE


Introduction HEFCE (the Higher Ed Funding Council for England) has recently published an important paper (2011/30) setting out how numbers in HE in 2012/13 will be managed and in some cases bid for. It brings into sharp relief the impact of some of the changes in the HE White Paper and the tight timescale required…

PCPL supports new research by the RSA on mentoring disadvantaged FE students

FE Student

The PCPL and the ‘Aimhigher London WECAN partnership’ have together sponsored some recent RSA research on mentoring disadvantaged FE students. The ‘Furthering Opportunity’ project puts RSA Fellows (with lots of social capital such as personal networks) in structured mentoring roles with disadvantaged FE learners (with very little social capital). The first phase of scoping research…

Policy Watch – The HE White Paper sets out to put students in the driving seat


2 July 2011 [2011/21] Policy Watch – The HE White Paper sets out to put students in the driving seat Introduction In the end, the HE White Paper, which was eventually published last week, contained few surprises yet collectively it represents a defining moment for the sector in England. The sense of new era is…

HE Policy Blog: Is HE in the UK currently experiencing an ‘inflection point’?

HE Policy Blog

A few argue that HE in the UK, and beyond, will cope with all the current changes as it always has – by focussing on what it does best, by continuing its great tradition of independence and by responding in a careful and considered way to new opportunities. Personally, I think that the degree and…