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New data published on enterprise and entrepreneurship education

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Our extensive research with educators and employers reveals ten new insights about what activities are being delivered and the impact that they have. You can also explore our published data yourself to see what you can discover. 1. In terms of how it’s delivered, enterprise and entrepreneurship education is embedded across the curriculum in a…

Pocket Watch – Helping school to work transition

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To download the PDF please click here 2014/14 Introduction It was in May 2011 that the Government launched the first of its major strategies aimed at tackling youth unemployment which was followed up rapidly a year later with the launch of the Youth Contract and the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers. Three years on, despite a…

Pocket Watch – Managing the school system


To download the PDF please click here 2014/8 Introduction At the last count, there were 3,613 Academies currently open along with 174 Free Schools, 17 UTCs and 28 Studio Schools. It means we now have a very differently structured school system in England and it’s giving rise to two pretty fundamental questions both of which…

Pocket Watch – Improving schools


To download the PDF please click here 2014/5 Introduction This week has seen some interesting evidence emerge about what makes schools succeed and for a change it’s not all come from the Government or Ofsted. That’s not to say the Government has been silent; both it and the Opposition have made important pronouncements this week,…

Pocket Watch – What’s in store for schools in 2014?


To download the PDF please click here 2014/1 Introduction 2014 sees the fourth anniversary of the publication of the Michael Gove blueprint for reform of the school and qualification systems. Some of the details and timings may have changed in the interim but DfE policy remains firmly fixated on implementing as much of what’s in…

Pocket Watch – Holding (secondary) schools to account

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To download the PDF please click here 2013/70 Introduction This week the Government announced its response on the first of its three major sweeps on school accountability. With primary and 16-19 to come, this one on secondary school performance sets in train the shift towards what the Government hopes will be a more balanced and…

Research report: Careers 2020 Phase Two – A cloudy horizon

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In order to make progress in their lives and contribute to society, all young people need the right skills, knowledge and aptitudes – underpinned by the ability to make appropriate learning, work and life choices. Given a challenging global and national context to achieving these outcomes, and the ambitious agenda of change pursued by the…

Pocket Watch – Ofsted prepares to inspect local authority school improvement arrangements


To download the PDF please click here 2013/35 Introduction Next month Ofsted intends to begin looking at how local authorities support school improvement and this week it set out how it was going to do it. The move follows further concerns about widening gaps in school performance highlighted in performance tables published earlier this year….

Academies Commission report ‘Unleashing Greatness’

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Set up by the Pearson Think Tank and the RSA to examine the long term impact of academisation on educational outcomes, the Academy Commission’s report, Unleashing Greatness, argues that the Government must apply a more systematic approach towards implementing the next phase of the academies programme as well as a forensic focus on teaching quality…

Pocket Watch – What does 2013 hold for schools?


To download the PDF please click here 2013/1 Introduction With a sweeping programme of reform already set covering changes to 16-19 Programmes of Study and funding due from Sept 2013, revisions to the national curriculum and some A levels due from Sept 2014 and reform of Key Stage 4 qualifications, the exam system and even…