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HE policy blog: developing ‘graduate attributes’ and ‘employability’

FE College

Current narratives in HE are moving beyond a narrow focus on securing employment for students to include them developing a wider and more holistic set of employability ‘attributes’. This brief presentation summarises this trend and explore some of the challenges and future trends that may result. Tweet

Event summary – #WeTweetEd #6 (at EICE) How can we use social media to debate and influence policy?


Thanks to all those that joined us at the EICE conference (@EICEmanchester), or online via Twitter, last month for the sixth of these networking events. They were greeted by food, drink, fellow souls and a lively debate about how we can use social media to debate and influence policy. It was the usual informal format,…

HE policy blog: trends in part-time and online provision


I was recently asked to present to both Linking London and the Association of Heads of University Administration about trends in higher education provision. In particular I focused on the issues of part-time learners and online delivery (I argue that MOOCs should just be called ‘courses’). After painting a (pretty bleak) picture of the current context…

HE policy blog: higher education in Asia-Pacific


Its common knowledge that overall this region is seeing high economic growth, driven by large populations of young people and rapidly developing economies. But it is not always clear what’s happening ‘under the bonnet’ when it come to higher education. In this final post based on reflections from visiting the region for the Asia-Pacific edition…

HE policy blog: presenting some ideas about employability

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at a conference about employability in higher education. I was the first speaker of the day, setting the scene and highlighting issues for consideration. Below is the presentation I delivered, with some info about the context we’re in, different approaches to employability, related approaches and key questions to…

HE Policy Blog: higher education in the Kingdom of Thailand


This next blog in the Blue Skies SEAsia series looks at Thailand. Ruled since 1946 by King Rama IX, the world’s longest-serving head of state, it has been a constitutional monarchy since 1932. It is the only South East Asian nation never to be colonised by the West although it did lose some territories to…

HE Policy Blog: higher education in Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia copy

Indonesia is the second country I visited while promoting the Asia Pacific edition of Blue Skies, with stops in Bali and Jakarta. It is an incredibly big, ambitious and diverse place, comprising an archipelago of over 17,500 islands. It is the fourth most populous country in the world with nearly 250m people, 87% of whom…

HE Policy blog: presenting the future (r)evolution in higher education?

Future of HE

I recently had the pleasure of travelling around South East Asia to launch the Asia-Pacific edition of Blue Skies and learn about the issues facing universities in that dynamic part of the world. I was presenting at a number of round-tables and conferences (QS-Apple and UNESCO then IES back in London) on future trends in…

HE Policy blog: The five big trends shaping higher education


(A version of this article will appear shortly as part of a collection by Linking London) Now and again it can be useful to lift your gaze from the latest news story, burning policy issue or regulatory change that is occupying your attention. If you set your focus to the widest possible angle, then you…

HE Policy Blog: Changing British attitudes to the higher education ‘brand’

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(This blog post is the result of collaboration with YouGov-Cambridge) The current context Higher education (HE) in England continues to dominate the headlines. After the controversy, riots and delays that led up to the 2011 White Paper I now see a host of other issues arising. Although most of the funding changes seem to be…