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Pocket Watch – Inspecting the pieces


To download the PDF please click here 2014/20 Introduction 22 years on from its inception and plenty of bruises later, it seems that the current Ofsted model for school inspections is about to undergo considerable change. Not only is Ofsted shortly to publish its own set of inspection reform proposals for what is now a…

Pocket Watch – Ofsted raises a glass in its latest Annual Report


To download the PDF please click here 2013/85 Introduction Bumped for a week by the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Ofsted’s latest Annual Report published today comes as fall-out continues following the recent PISA results. Certainly this latest Report adds further grit to some of the concerns raised in PISA such as the attainment gap facing the…

Pocket Watch – Ofsted prepares to inspect local authority school improvement arrangements


To download the PDF please click here 2013/35 Introduction Next month Ofsted intends to begin looking at how local authorities support school improvement and this week it set out how it was going to do it. The move follows further concerns about widening gaps in school performance highlighted in performance tables published earlier this year….

Pocket Watch: Ofsted Annual Report

Annual report

To download the report please click here Introduction The main message that came out from this year’s Ofsted Chief Inspector’s Report, which was released this week, was that there was still too much variability in the quality of provision in different parts of the country. To use the cliché, it’s a postcode lottery: “some have…

Pocket Watch: Programmed for work

Job application

Please feel free to print and/or forward as required using the link here   Introduction Coming so soon after the LGA/CSJ Report suggesting a skills mismatch in provision for disengaged young people, Ofsted’s Report suggesting a similar mismatch in provision for unemployed adults has naturally raised concerns. The challenges involved in helping people into work can…

Pocket Watch: The hole in the middle of the school system?


Introduction The argument about whether or not we need a middle tier, perhaps a mediating structure for an increasingly autonomous school system has reared its head again recently. It was the subject of two important reports from the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) a couple of weeks ago and it was the first…

Pocket Watch – Ofsted tackle national literacy standards


Introduction Sir Michael Wilshaw’s ‘literacy’ speech last week follows hard on the heels of the National Numeracy Report on maths a couple of weeks ago and is further evidence of the importance being attached to these two subjects at present. Sir Michael’s speech drew attention to three major concerns. First that too many pupils fall…

Pocket Watch – Improving Alternative Provision for young people


Introduction Last week, Charlie Taylor, the Government’s Expert Adviser on Behaviour, published his report on provision for young people outside mainstream education. Alternative provision comes in many forms including Pupil Referral Units PRUs,) college programmes and specialist provision but has generally been an unsung area in the past. It has featured as a weakness in…

Pocket Watch – What’s happening to ICT?

No caption - work in progress

Introduction This week Michael Gove used his BETT speech to make some important announcements about education technology in general and school ICT in particular. It followed a speech in December hinting at change and a number of important reports over the year. ICT is currently under review as part of the National Curriculum Review but…

Pocket Watch – Ofsted’s Annual Report highlights the quality of teaching


Introduction The quality of teaching has become a high priority for the Government and was further highlighted in Ofsted’s Annual Report published this week. The issue, in the Report at least, seems to be twofold. Firstly that too much teaching is variable: “just 3% of secondary schools (inspected) and 4% of primary schools were judged…