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Pocket Watch: The Select Committee reports on the exam system

Select Committee

Introduction It’s not yet clear how the Government will respond to last week’s Select Committee Report on the exam system for 15-19 year olds in England. After all, a lot of activity is already under way in this area. Yet Select Committee Reports often draw attention to important issues and this one is no different….

Pocket Watch – Developing the qualification system


Introduction Ofqual’s new Corporate Plan published last week points to some important developments being lined up for the qualification system. Chief among these are some changes to GCSEs and A levels but also to the regulatory system and the market generally. Further developments may follow pending the outcomes of the Select Committee Inquiry, the National…

Pocket Watch – Comparing A levels

A Level Exam

Introduction Today Ofqual published its international benchmarking report on A levels. It comes as the regulator prepares to launch an important consultation on the future nature and shape of A levels and will inevitably provide a valuable lead into the consultation. The report takes four A levels: English; maths, chemistry and history and considers in…

Pocket Watch – The standards debate kicks off


Introduction Last week, Ofqual, the exams and qualifications regulator in England launched an important debate about standards. It comes as the Education Select Committee prepares to launch an inquiry into how exams for young people should be run and as the DfE Expert Group starts to draw together thinking on the first stage of the…