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Primary Policy Watch – Curriculum 2014: signed, sealed and now to be delivered


To download the PDF please click here 2013/4 For a document destined to shape the lives of a generation of children, the release of the final versions of the new Primary Programmes of Study was an unnaturally quiet affair. The media’s silence on the curriculum release could perhaps be attributed to its lack of novelty,…

Pocket Watch – Last lap for reform of the National Curriculum ?


To download the PDF please click here 2013/51 Introduction It seems a long time since Michael Gove first launched the review of the National Curriculum for England one cold, grey morning in January 2011 but it’s now moving into the last lap. The first half of this year has seen spirited discussion about individual subject…

Pocket Watch – Consultation closes on National Curriculum


To download the PDF please click here 2013/28 Introduction Debate about the National Curriculum has been fierce ever since it was first introduced as part of the ‘Great Reform Bill’ in the third Thatcher Government and by some strange quirk of fate both came together again this week. As Lord Baker reminded us in the…

Primary Policy Watch – consultation on the new National Curriculum


To download the PDF please click here 2013/1 Did you miss it? Amid the furore over Michael Gove’s U-turn on the proposed replacement for GCSEs, you’d be forgiven for not noticing that the DfE also announced this month the start of the formal consultation period on the new National Curriculum for maintained schools in England…

Policy Watch – How Key Stage 4 looks now

Select Committee

To download the PDF click here 2013/14 Introduction So ‘new’ GCSEs rather than EBCs it is then with the emphasis heavily on the ‘new.’ The EBacc, not to be confused with the English Bacc Certificates (EBCs), remains as a headline measure in the also new accountability system but that’s as far as EBC developments go…

Pocket Watch – Views come in on the National Curr changes


Introduction Heralded as a moment to simplify and refocus the National Curriculum and now part it seems of much more sweeping curriculum change, how have the proposed draft specs for the core primary curriculum been going down? Ever since the first draft National Curriculum was developed 25 years ago, debate has been sharp about such…

Pocket Watch – Developing the qualification system


Introduction Ofqual’s new Corporate Plan published last week points to some important developments being lined up for the qualification system. Chief among these are some changes to GCSEs and A levels but also to the regulatory system and the market generally. Further developments may follow pending the outcomes of the Select Committee Inquiry, the National…

Out on the road for our senior manager briefings


This month we’re undertaking a major campaign to go out and talk to school leaders about some of the key changes happening as part of the Government’s school reform programme. The format we’ve chosen is an hour long breakfast briefing held at various locations around the country. The advantages of such a format are that…

Policy Tracker – January 2011


Keeping track of what happened in the world of education for January 2011 The written Tracker for January can be found here Tweet

Policy Watch – The National Curriculum goes under review


22 January 2011 [2011/4] Policy Watch – The National Curriculum goes under review Introduction “Willy, Willy, Harry, Ste; Harry, Dick, John, Harry 3.” Will the pupils of tomorrow be learning their Kings and Queens of England by chanting the verses of yesterday? Probably not, but in launching the latest review of the National Curriculum in…