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Report launch event – Careers 2020 Phase Two: A cloudy horizon

To make progress in their lives and contribute to society, all young people need the right skills, knowledge and aptitudes, underpinned by the ability to make appropriate learning, work and life choices. Given a challenging context to achieving these outcomes, and the ambitious agenda of change pursued by the government, it is understandable that there…

Pocket Watch – Reviewing system provision for 16-24 yr olds

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To download the PDF please click here 2013/60 Introduction The Government’s recently announced “comprehensive” system review of provision arrangements for 16-24 year olds will probably come too late to help many young people due to get their exam results over the next couple of weeks but does come as concerns remain high in this area….

Pocket Watch – Messages for the Chancellor as he prepares for his latest Budget


Introduction A week to go to the Budget and as ever the Chancellor has not been short of advice. Key areas of interest for those in the world of education and skills are likely to be any measures that stimulate growth and any that help ease unemployment particularly that of young people   Context The…

Pocket Watch – Little relief in the latest unemployment figures

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Introduction This week the latest set of labour market stats were published. They cover the period Sept-Nov 2011 and show that over that period, the UK unemployment total rose by 118,000 to 2.68m. The figure for young people, that’s 16-24 year olds, rose by 52,000 to 1.04m although that figure drops to 729,000 once the…

#Train2Thrive – Can enterprise and entrepreneurship education support growth, jobs and more?


Event Summary On Monday 14 of November the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning, in collaboration with the Education and Employers Taskforce, hosted an event to share some of the findings emerging from phase one of its ongoing research project into enterprise and entrepreneurship education. As Governments across the world work to close the gap…

Can enterprise education stimulate jobs?


The cacophony surrounding Sir John Vickers’ report commissioned by the Coalition government seems to be drowning out more important long-term questions about how we grow our economy or how the recommendations of the report fit into wider narratives about job creation, high unemployment and the creation of a vibrant workforce capable of competing in the…

Pocket Watch – Sector-based work academies. What are they?


Introduction One of the measures the Government is keen to highlight as it seeks to respond to the latest ‘grim’ unemployment figures is sector-based academies. In the words of the Employment Minister: “sector-based academies are the next key part of our strategy to tackle youth unemployment… they will put people at the head of the…

Policy Tracker – January 2011


Keeping track of what happened in the world of education for January 2011 The written Tracker for January can be found here Tweet