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Event summary: Hot Breakfast Briefing on qualification reform

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This week the Pearson Think Tank hosted its latest Hot Breakfast Briefing, or rather its first since it adopted its new status as a Think Tank. Over 70 delegates from across the spectrum of education and training came to hear about the latest developments happening around the curriculum and qualification system, and to join in…

PCPL launches its latest round of Hot Breakfast Briefings with a look at school policy developments.

Hot Breakfast

Event Summary This week the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning kicked off its 2012 series of Hot Breakfast briefings with a look at what’s happening in school policy. The last few months have seen a series of important developments for schools covering funding, ‘league’ tables, inspection changes and the National Curriculum. With schools seemingly…

Hot Breakfast Briefing: are you feeling any better? 5th December 2011


Event Summary Chancellor’s Autumn Statement: Are you feeling any better?  With ongoing concerns about low levels of growth and high levels of unemployment, many people are turning to the education system for solutions. But with long timescales, tightening budgets and sweeping changes, the best way forward remains unclear. We had three presentations. First Steve Besley from…

Higher Education White Paper 15 July 2011


Event Summary The much-delayed Higher Education White Paper came out this month, recommending some major changes to the English system. There were few surprises for those who had followed the debate over the past few months, with a focus on three pillars; more ‘consumer’ choice/power and provider diversity in a new more dynamic HE ‘market‘….

Hot Breakfast Briefing: Schools policy update 14th February 2011

Steve Besley

Event Summary The latest Education Bill brings to a head a number of policy developments that have been building up around the school’s system since last Autumn’s White Paper. School budgets, PISA test results, the English Bacc and the review of the National Curriculum have all been announced as part of the build up. The…

A Repeat Hot Breakfast Briefing: The Wolf Report 21 March 2011


Event Summary Due to high demand we are offering a repeat Hot Breakfast Briefing on the Wolf Report ‘The Wolf Report – what does it mean?‘ In her recent Review of Vocational Education, Alison Wolf has set out to design a system that ensures a better fit between the needs of young people and the…