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New data published on enterprise and entrepreneurship education

School kids celebrating

Our extensive research with educators and employers reveals ten new insights about what activities are being delivered and the impact that they have. You can also explore our published data yourself to see what you can discover. 1. In terms of how it’s delivered, enterprise and entrepreneurship education is embedded across the curriculum in a…

#Train2Thrive – Can enterprise and entrepreneurship education support growth, jobs and more?


Event Summary On Monday 14 of November the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning, in collaboration with the Education and Employers Taskforce, hosted an event to share some of the findings emerging from phase one of its ongoing research project into enterprise and entrepreneurship education. As Governments across the world work to close the gap…

Employer engagement in education and young people

employer engagement

What is the role of the employer in education? In our rapidly changing world of work this is one of the more pressing questions relating to young people in education and employment. At this year’s Education and Employers Taskforce conference the keynote speaker and lead author on the Pathways to Prosperity report, professor Bob Schwartz…

Can enterprise education stimulate jobs?


The cacophony surrounding Sir John Vickers’ report commissioned by the Coalition government seems to be drowning out more important long-term questions about how we grow our economy or how the recommendations of the report fit into wider narratives about job creation, high unemployment and the creation of a vibrant workforce capable of competing in the…

A conversation with Bob Schwartz


Harvard Professor and leading author of the Pathways to Prosperity Report, Robert “Bob” Schwartz discusses social mobility, education and the skills that young people need to succeed in the future. Filmed at the 2nd Education and Employer’s Taskforce Research Conference at Warwick University in conversation with Ronley Kirwan of the PCPL. Tweet

Leadership on enterprise


David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference was big on hope and optimism. It reminded me of something Barack Obama said during his 2009 inauguration speech. “Starting today we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America.” However for us it’s the UK economy which needs…

Launch of new research project on enterprise and entrepreneurship education


With the world economy facing turbulent times and individual countries rethinking how they and their citizens can flourish in the global marketplace, many would argue that the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship education has never been greater. But does this mean teaching people how to write a business plan or is it about gaining a…

Can enterprise education help the UK economy?


Figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics point to a weaker than expected UK economic recovery, with a growth rate of just 0.2% in the second quarter of 2011. Many economists worry that the government’s rapid deficit reduction plan is having an adverse effect on economic performance. But, as we scrutinize the…