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Pocket Watch – Helping the 16-19 ‘in-betweeners’


 To download the PDF please click here 2013/65 Introduction Nick Clegg’s announcement this week that free school meals will be extended next year not just to children in reception and Years 1 and 2 but also to eligible students in Sixth Form and FE colleges raises the question yet again about what benefits are available…

Pocket Watch – Developing vocational quals for 16-19 year olds

To download the PDF please click here 2013/50 Introduction Today the Government confirmed its intentions on reforming Level 3 vocational qualifications for 16-19 year olds. In future, to be recognised for ‘league’ table purposes, they will have to meet a set of prescribed criteria. While the total number of vocational qualifications currently approved will be…

Policy Watch – Developing Programmes for 16 – 19 year olds

Developing Programmes

Introduction Last week another piece in what appears to be a rapidly evolving curriculum jigsaw slotted into place with the release of a batch of Papers on 16–19 provision. 16-19 is one of the most important curriculum pieces, covering as it does the transition stage between youth and adulthood and thence higher study or employment….

PCPL launches its latest round of Hot Breakfast Briefings with a look at school policy developments.

Hot Breakfast

Event Summary This week the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning kicked off its 2012 series of Hot Breakfast briefings with a look at what’s happening in school policy. The last few months have seen a series of important developments for schools covering funding, ‘league’ tables, inspection changes and the National Curriculum. With schools seemingly…

Policy Watch – The Government consults on 16-19 funding and provision


Introduction The Wolf recommendations on 14-19 moved a step nearer to fruition last week. First consultation closed on new criteria for Key Stage 4 league tables, a further statement is due in a few weeks and secondly, a batch of papers was released on 16-19 provision and funding. There were three papers: a proposal to…

Policy Watch – It’s all go at 16-19.


7 April 2011 [2011/13] Policy Watch – It’s all go at 16-19. Introduction HE may be gripped by fee announcements, schools with Bacc and voc developments but much of the action at present seems to be concentrated on a small patch that is 16-19 learning. The last few weeks for instance have seen new 16-19…