Tweeting for Teachers

This research investigated how social media can support teacher professional development.

Is it possible that the spread of informal, peer-based, online CPD might help to support the drive to raise teaching standards at minimal cost? This report explores this question, focusing on:

  • how teachers and other educators are currently using social media to aid their professional development, and what they and their students gain from it;
  • what evidence there is for the benefits of peer-to-peer teacher CPD, and for using social media in this way; and
  • what teaching can learn from industry in this respect.

Drawing on emerging academic research in this area, and on the experience of trailblazing teachers, the report  recommends ways in which school leaders and policymakers can exploit the benefits of social media for effective and affordable teacher professional development.

    Tweeting for teachers: how can social media support teacher professional development?

    To download the report please click here The Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning has spent the past few months considering the question above, working with teachers, social media experts and others to try to understand this issue, and how teachers can harness a valuable resource to develop their skills. The importance of high quality... Read on