Subject to Change

In the context of the announcement of the National Curriculum review, subject to change looked at whether primary schools should focus their curriculum around subject areas or cross-curricular themes. The report posed three questions:

Do the most successful primary schools structure learning around traditional subject disciplines?
Should primary schools set aside thematic approaches, and focus instead on subject-based teaching?

Should we be exerting top-down pressure on primary schools to deliver learning in this way?

Findings from the research show the government must avoid becoming fixated on ensuring content coverage or on enforcing an unpopular approach to curriculum design. Instead, it should focus on encouraging policies, practices and behaviours that help heads and teachers to develop outstanding curricula in their own schools.

    Subject to change: should primary schools structure learning around subjects or themes?

    To download the report please click here Subject to Change – a new report from the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning Primary education is always a political hot potato. The curriculum – what children should learn – is at the heart of current debate. The Department for Education’s current review of the National Curriculum... Read on