Enterprise and Entrepreneurship education (live)

Governments across the world are working to close the gap between education and the workplace, enabling citizens to progress from one to the other, support economic growth, navigate changes to work practices and lead fulfilling lives. One common approach is to introduce enterprise and entrepreneurship education into the school, college and university experiences of young people as a means to better prepare them for adulthood and work.

In England, enterprise and entrepreneurship education is experiencing a period of significant change within a difficult context of austerity, high unemployment and low growth. Over the last year, expectations of schools, national support organisations and the funding mechanisms underpinning the vision first set out in the 2002 Davies Report have all changed radically.

It is time to take stock of what we know about this topic, both in this country and internationally, and to engage in a new debate over its future within a new context. This research project addresses three fundamental questions:

  • What is enterprise and entrepreneurship education?
  • What impact does it have?
  • How should it be delivered?

You can see below to find out about the project initiation, debate, interim report, and final data.

    New data published on enterprise and entrepreneurship education

    Our extensive research with educators and employers reveals ten new insights about what activities are being delivered and the impact that they have. You can also explore our published data yourself to see what you can discover. 1. In terms of how it’s delivered, enterprise and entrepreneurship education is embedded across the curriculum in a... Read on

    Enterprise Education: value and direction – interim report published

    To download the report please click here New research finds that grammar and independent school learners are twice as likely to experience entrepreneurship education than state school students This interim report by charity the Education and Employers Taskforce and the Pearson Think Tank highlights the widespread variation in access to entrepreneurship education at school. The... Read on

    #Train2Thrive – Can enterprise and entrepreneurship education support growth, jobs and more?

    Event Summary On Monday 14 of November the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning, in collaboration with the Education and Employers Taskforce, hosted an event to share some of the findings emerging from phase one of its ongoing research project into enterprise and entrepreneurship education. As Governments across the world work to close the gap... Read on

    Launch of new research project on enterprise and entrepreneurship education

    With the world economy facing turbulent times and individual countries rethinking how they and their citizens can flourish in the global marketplace, many would argue that the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship education has never been greater. But does this mean teaching people how to write a business plan or is it about gaining a... Read on