The potential of open education data

This project explores the potential of open education data. Governments around the world are opening up public data like never before, just as the uptake of web-based services is booming. Together these two trends are generating unprecedented levels of data about the minutiae of what learners and educators are doing. But what does this mean for education? Are end-users able to navigate all this information? How does it impact on the curriculum taught and the resulting learning outcomes?

Current uses of open education data are still limited and at an early stage, with the main focus being on data for accountability purposes. What about efficiency and innovation? How can different stakeholders (learners/providers, public/private, large/small orgs) both produce more/better quality data, and make better use of it? The Pearson Think Tank will host a high-level debate to explore the key issues and highlight any blockages to progress, then undertake follow-on research activities to help find solutions.

This project is still at an early stage. A confidential draft proposal / white-paper is available on request, based on stakeholder consultation, policy analysis and desk research / literature review. Published supporting presentations are also available here and here, exploring some of the emerging themes.

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