A New Conversation with Parents

The project sought to develop a greater understanding of what it is that parents want from their schools. We wanted to find out what information parents need to help them form judgements about schools and about the progress of their own children; and how they want to receive that information.

The research found that parents want information about everything from behaviour management, bullying and exclusions, their children’s progress and how the school supports children with different and special educational needs. Most parents would like termly reports either by post, e-mail or via a website.

The report contained a series of recommendations for policy makers, Ofsted and schools, addressing the concerns parents raised.

    New research on what information parents want from schools

    To download the report please click here We now live in an ‘instant data’ world, where the internet is often seen as the answer to everything. As a result the public expect more information than ever before, and want that information to be both accessible and clear. There has been a real drive for more... Read on