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Access for All – new research analysis on tuition fees


Launching Monday 8th of July at Pearson’s 80 Strand HQ, this research was carried out by the Strategic Society Centre and supported by UUK, Pearson College and the Pearson Think Tank. Launch event speakers include David Willetts, Les Ebdon, Roxanne Stockwell, UUK, Brightside and the IFS – Chaired by John Gill, Editor of Times Higher….

Academies Commission report ‘Unleashing Greatness’

Academies Commission - large

Set up by the Pearson Think Tank and the RSA to examine the long term impact of academisation on educational outcomes, the Academy Commission’s report, Unleashing Greatness, argues that the Government must apply a more systematic approach towards implementing the next phase of the academies programme as well as a forensic focus on teaching quality…

Careers 2020: Options for future careers work in English schools

Student on a computer

New survey data published today finds that the majority (61%) of teachers and lecturers are worried about the careers service being offered to children leaving school. Commissioned by the Pearson Think Tank, the research also found that nearly a third (31%) of teachers were specifically worried about the quality of advice being provided, commonly citing…

Are we running out of teachers?

Teacher shortage

To download the report please click here New research commissioned by the Pearson Think Tank finds imminent risks to the supply of good quality teachers in England. It appears higher course fees may be behind a drop in the number of students entering Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in 2012, including in the primary sector –…

Rational Numbers: Investigating compulsion for mathematics study to 18


To download the report please click here In his speech at The Royal Society in June 2011, Michael Gove revealed his ambition to have ‘the vast majority of 16- to 18-year-old learners studying some form of mathematics within the next decade’. The number of learners taking AS and A level mathematics is increasing year on…

Enterprise Education: value and direction – interim report published


To download the report please click here New research finds that grammar and independent school learners are twice as likely to experience entrepreneurship education than state school students This interim report by charity the Education and Employers Taskforce and the Pearson Think Tank highlights the widespread variation in access to entrepreneurship education at school. The…

‘Future Universities’ paper by Demos – supported by the PearsonCPL

Four students (aged 16-17) looking at laptop computer in classroom

To download the report please click here Launch event summary: On Friday 3rd February Demos launched a new research paper on the future of higher education in England. The paper entitled ‘Future Universities’, supported by the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning, explores how recent Government reforms could be modified in order to protect and promote the…

Tweeting for teachers: how can social media support teacher professional development?


To download the report please click here The Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning has spent the past few months considering the question above, working with teachers, social media experts and others to try to understand this issue, and how teachers can harness a valuable resource to develop their skills. The importance of high quality…

PCPL supports Skills Commission’s report on Technicians and Progression


Event summary To download the report please click here Technicians and Progression: Launch of the Skills Commission’s report into technician and higher level skills, Thursday 13 October, 3.30-5pm, House of Lords Terrace. This project was supported by the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning, the Gatsby Foundation and the Tec Trust. The result of six months…

New research on what information parents want from schools


To download the report please click here We now live in an ‘instant data’ world, where the internet is often seen as the answer to everything. As a result the public expect more information than ever before, and want that information to be both accessible and clear. There has been a real drive for more…