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Pocket Watch – Labour picks up the Heseltine agenda

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To download the PDF please click here 2014/25 Introduction Is Labour picking up the local/regional growth agenda where Lord Heseltine left off? It’s two years since Lord Heseltine’s aptly named ‘No stone unturned’ Report was published setting out a range of recommendations for devolving powers to the regions in areas like skills, transport and housing….

Pocket Watch – FE looks to the future

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To download the PDF please click here 2014/26 Introduction It’s been another busy first quarter of the year for the FE sector and the Minister’s recent ‘end of term’ letter to College Governors highlights some important areas of activity. The overall thrust remains the rigour and responsiveness agenda launched by the Government a year ago…

Pocket Watch – Setting the grade for GCSEs


To download the PDF please click here 2014/23 Introduction Nipping in just before the end of the spring term, Ofqual’s consultation last week on grade standards for the new GCSEs will be eagerly read by those anxious for more information on these new qualifications. It may be taking some time but GCSEs are taken by…

Pocket Watch – Catching up on the latest GCSE and A’ developments


To download the PDF please click here 2014/24 Introduction Following last week’s proposals on setting grading standards for the new GCSEs, both the DfE and Ofqual have been busy this week releasing the latest batch of GCSE and A’ level reform details. It may be the Easter break but the programme’s working to a tight…

Primary Policy Watch – Reforming assessment and accountability for primary schools


To download the PDF please click here 2014/2   It’s been due to be released ‘soon’, ‘shortly’ and ‘imminently’ for quite some time, but this week the government’s response to their consultation on primary assessment and accountability finally landed. Widely seen as the missing piece in the primary reform agenda, the plans announced here will…

Pocket Watch – Holding school performance to account


To download the PDF please click here 2014/22 Introduction The recent publication of accountability arrangements for primary schools and for 16-19 providers means that the Government has at last completed its grand sweep of school and college accountability reforms. Those for secondary schools were announced last autumn. There’s still a lot of technical work needed…

Policy Tracker – Keeping track of what happened in the world of education in March 2014


To download the PDF please click here 2014/3 Main talking points A month which has seen the Budget, school inspections and accountability, apprenticeships, maths teaching and HE funding all emerge as key points of interest in various forms. These and the rather lengthy list of developments from the last four weeks listed below. Key headlines…

Pocket Watch – Inspecting the pieces


To download the PDF please click here 2014/20 Introduction 22 years on from its inception and plenty of bruises later, it seems that the current Ofsted model for school inspections is about to undergo considerable change. Not only is Ofsted shortly to publish its own set of inspection reform proposals for what is now a…

Pocket Watch – Budget bits for education and skills


To download the PDF please click here 2014/21 Introduction It was never going to be a big Budget for education and skills this year and so it proved to be. Childcare announcements had been made the day before, 2014/5 and 2015/16 projected Dept expenditure limits had been announced under last summer’s Spending Review while announcements…

Pocket Watch – Labour plans for 14-19 education

UCAS review

To download the PDF please click here 2014/18 Introduction Labour’s Skills Taskforce’s third and final Report published last week is in many ways its most important. The first Report last September looked at developing a successful apprenticeship system, the second last November at a new FE system while this one looks at qualification and skill…