The education Tweeter top 40 and #WeTweetEd #3

Here in the think tank team we are increasingly impressed with how useful Twitter can be. Not just for sharing our own research and analysis, but also for meeting a wide range of people. hearing new ideas and debating issues. We’re also interested in how it can support research, teaching and learning, as shown in our Tweeting for Teachers project. We have two suggestions for making the most out of Twitter; meet people face-to-face (offline) when you get the opportunity and always be on the look out for interesting new people to follow.

On the first, we’re having another one of our semi-regular #WeTweetEd meet-ups on 13th Dec for people working in education who are passionate about technology. We’ve got an exciting list of speakers (each with just 140 seconds to make their points) and will be serving mulled wine and mince pies up on the top floor of 80 Strand. You can register for the event here now.

On the second point, I’ve pulled together a (admittedly Anglo-centric) list of some favourite Twitter users, hopefully with a few you might not have heard of. Please help share it and use the comments below to add your own top education Tweeters. In no particular order here they are, with some attempt made to group them by focus.

Primary schools

@primarypete_ - popular Primary teacher with a focus on technology and innovation

@Smichael920 – Primary Head and blogger with a national perspective

@ianaddison – Primary ICT expert

@Ideas_Factory – Primary school technologist

Secondary schools

@PookyH – social media expert plugged into teachers

@tonyparkin - school technology expert, always speaks his mind

@Samfr – Special Adviser to Michael Gove

@xtophercook – data-savvy FT education correspondent

@brianlightman – Vocal school union leader

@SchoolDuggery – influential and sharp-eyed education commentator

@futurelabedu – forward thinking technology for teaching and learning

@GregHurstTimes – Education Editor at the Times

@NatEdTrust - focused on improving teaching practice

@Will_Paxton1 – Head of Education Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children

@GiftedPhoenix – former government insider with a sharp eye on the latest issues

@informed_edu – former maths/physics teacher with a focus on technology and CPD

Further Education

@IFL_Members – the national body for FE staff

@toni_pearce - NUS Vice-President and FE student advocate

@dickpalmerccn - dynamic college head forging a new path for FE

@NIACEhq – adult learning champions

@EduSkillsGrp – FE, Skills and HE news and research

@MoodleMcKean – Further education technologist

Higher Education

@theNHJ - always a good source of cutting wit

@wonkhe – at the heart of HE policy and debate

@timeshighered – authorative source on higher education

@slewth – smart social media expert focused on students

@GdnHigherEd - speaks for and to a growing HE community

@VC_UEL – irreverant and sharp Vice Chancellor, “he clearly gets Twitter” says THE

@insidehighered - incisive commentator on HE from a US perspective

@JISC - the future of learning technologies


@EdSurge – what’s hot in education technology State-side

@NMCorg - a great source of future technology trends

@audreywatters - US-based education blogger with bold ideas on technology and values in education

@WBedutech - World Bank ideas on education technology, including emerging nations

@UNESCOICTs – the latest technology research and thinking from UNESCO

@mashable – the go-to source of wider technology information

@TechHeadsNet – Connecting the worlds of education and technology


@SchleicherEDU – “Without data you are just another person with an opinion” says this OECD star

@efareport - international education data from UNESCO

@jrf_uk – excellent source of research on wider socio-economic context of education


By Louis Coiffait


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    4 Responses to The education Tweeter top 40 and #WeTweetEd #3
    1. Has anyone come across a (curated ideally) Twitter list of influential FE Tweeters that one can follow (such as

    2. simon brereton

      Really useful list. So important with the relative demise of the LA information service that people involved in education have the chance to share ideas.

    3. Julie McCulloch

      Thanks Louis – useful list. Just to say most of the people you’ve listed under Secondary schools would be equally helpful to people with an interest in Primary.

    4. Can I be *really* cheeky and chuck my hat into the ring: @paulselearning – I tweet out 8 free resources and elearning articles a day :D

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